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We offer a world-class solution, a powerful combination of hardware and software that enables businesses to make data-driven decisions. FootfallCam offer a unique and tailored service for every customer, where our focus is to understand your business and help you get the most out of the data that passes through. Have a look at our people counting system in more detail below.

World's No.1 People Counting System


People counting for every industry.

FootfallCam - Supporting 4.0

Companies across nations are now adapting and embracing the concept of Industry 4.0, driven by the internet and the internet of things. This digital revolution combines IoT Devices, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, to bring automation to business processes, bringing immense business values to various industries. FootfallCam offers the hardwares, softwares and end-to-end solution to your business.

Supporting Your New Normal

FootfallCam is specialised in providing people counting solutions to cater for different use cases: 
/ People Counting for Retail Stores / Passenger Counting for Buses Occupancy Counting at Offices / Customer Product Engagement Crowd Counting at Large Areas / Queue Counting at Supermarkets Pedestrian Counting at Streets / Patron Counting at the Libraries Visitor Counting at the Museums / Queue Monitoring at the Airports Queue Waiting Time Monitoring at Fast Food Restaurant (QSR)

FootfallCam: The most accurate people counting system.

Footfallcam is a 3D people counter that uses stereo vision to accurately count the traffic of visitors. Multiple 3D People Counter may be installed at a store to cover the entire entrance and it can be set to correlate data with another counter. Footfallcam 3D People Counter uses stereo vision to mimic the concept of human eye imaging perception to accurately depict the direction of travel for visitors and for counting the number of visitors. The People Counter also include a variety of business reports that allows retailers and business chains to have a deeper insight on their business processes.

FootfallCam products in use today.


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