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AI-powered recommendation engine helping the financial industry deliver hyper-personalized digital experiences to their customers at scale. ABAKA has a proven track record of delivering enterprise-level SaaS solutions to some of the world's leading financial institutions.

Take the leap, towards the future of
Financial Artificial Intelligence.


Combining data analytics, the latest in FinTech AI with behavioural science.

The Next Best Action by Abaka
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Next Best Action is a proven AI-recommendation engine in production with global banks and insurers, constantly learning from our vast ecosystem of clients, customer data and financial products.

It addresses the need for delivering personalized customer life journeys with beautiful omnichannel digital experiences.

Data Ecosystem by Abaka

By combining user’s behavioral data, transactional data, and external sources of data, Abaka's Next Best Action offers contextual guidance and personalized nudges in real-time at scale.

This has proven far more efficient than the one size fits all generic product push campaigns, which lacks personalisation across both content and targeting.

Abaka Online Banking

Templated Recommendations & Digital Experiences


Once our embed AI-recommendation engine has identified which product to recommend to which customer and when, it will select the right marketing template consisting of the right wording, image, tone, content, and delivery channel.
The correct identification of this has proven to have a material impact on the product conversion and subsequent customer engagement.

Conversational AI by Abaka

Conversational user interface and chatbot framework that impersonates a financial assistant for guidance on life, retirement, savings, and investments, for both fully digital and hybrid advice (advisor handoff, live on chat or on booking meeting). Our proprietary Natural Language Processing models take vast quantities of user behavioural and financial data to intelligently manage human like conversations and can hand-off to an adviser.

ABAKA Bank Teller


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