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embed signage is cloud based Digital Signage Software (SaaS) that can publish digital signage content to an unlimited number of registered, compatible devices. It provides the tools you need to deliver the content they won’t forget.

Cloud based Digital Signage Software (SaaS)


The Complete Digital Signage Partner

Your project, your way...

One Layout, All Resolutions

Using embed signage you can create one layout and optimise it for the desired registered device resolutions and orientation to ensure you layouts always look great, no matter what device you publish to.

Any device, any time, any where. Full control.

Multi-platform Signage SaaS

embed signage is compatible with Mac, PC, Android, iOS, Samsung SOC SSP D & E Series and ONELAN devices which means you can choose from a range of products suitable for your digital signage needs. Push content to tablets and video walls, AIO commercial screens or touch displays; all can be done using embed signage.

Why Digital embed Signage is Key to YOUR goals...

Analytics is the gateway to making better business decisions with digital embed signage. The insights provided through analytics helps users understand what’s working, what’s not and to make informed decisions on how to use digital signage to get better results.

Understand if touch content is really delivering the best results with interaction session data. View interactions by most popular days, layout, content and device, the average interactions per session, average session length and drill down into individual session overviews that gives full insight into the user journey, from first touch, to last.

embed Signage products in use today.


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